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Day Visits

Visitors are welcome Monday through Saturday.  Everyone from children to elders and those with special needs are welcome.  Restrooms are on the first floor of the big barn and parking is between that barn and the house.  Picnic tables are by the brook across the road from the parking area.  There are woods trails and fields for walking and skiing.  (See Nature page for trail map and birds list.)   Call ahead if you want to schedule a group visit or to be sure someone is available to show you around or if you want to help with our work. Please leave your pets at home and take away your trash. 
During Screen-Free Week in April, we offer sunset nature walks to listen for frogs and owls, to look for spring wildflowers and to watch for woodcocks.     

 See the Home page, or our Facebook page,  to find out about current and upcoming activities at the farm.

Things To Do:

Hike on several miles of woods and field trails 

Watch birds

 Look for frogs or dragonflies or wildflowers or . . .

Build a birdhouse 

 Picnic by the pond

 Visit goats, chickens, rabbits and pigs
Tour (or help out in) the gardens

Swing or just sit

 Make simple wooden toys

Why we offer alternatives:

 The most radical thing we can do both for and with our kids is to simply stop and do nothing from time to time.

Advertising contributes to a consumer identity . . .People lose core values, family time, connection to community and nature, and creative down time.  

--from What Kids Really Want that Money Can’t Buy by Betsy Taylor

Children need contact with the natural world.  It’s an antidote to advertising and gives a different perspective on the universe.

In most of us there is a deep hunger for contact with the natural world.  Everywhere people love to garden, to work with the soil, to touch plants and make things grow.

The natural world teaches many lessons but fewer children have access to them. 

--from The Shelter of Each Other by Mary Pipher

The more real wealth we have--such as friends, skills, libraries, wilderness and afternoon naps--the less money we need in order to be happy. 

 I needed to learn how to fix things, and I became fascinated with living life directly and developing my skills and capacities and ingenuity rather than just earning more money. 

-- from Affluenza by de Graaf, Wann and Naylor

Books and other things visitors can use:

--Field guides for identifying birds, nests, mammals, insects, trees, wildflowers, dragonflies, butterflies  

--One Small Square books for exploring with children: Pond, Woods, and Backyard  

--Take a Walk with Butterflies & Dragonflies
Stories from day visitors:
Notes about a friend and helper who's come for day visits over many years 
Family Day at St. Francis Farm,  February 2016
Notes and quotes from a group of visitors who joined us one day over February break